sharing fate

I found something unpleasant about the film Horton when I first saw it. My reaction may just have been to the character of the Kangaroo who reminded me of Tigger in the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh, a translation I found very annoying.  Anyhow apart from my directly racist issues with the film I […]

public humiliation & stocks but missing the point perhaps

The examination of Mr Buckles, head of G4S, by a House of Commons committee is currently being broadcast.  Such processes are tantamount to public humiliation, being put in the stocks, virtually of course.  When someone was, say, accused of stealing, they were held in the stocks to keep them in place, exposed to ridicule and […]

babylonian virtues – minority report

Babylonian Virtues – Minority Report is the title of the second chapter by Gunjević in God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse.  I didn’t read directly a reference to the film Minority Report in the chapter which is, effectively, an evaluation of Negri and Hardt’s book Empire in the context of their use of Augustinian ideas to […]


Is a terrorist just someone who uses terror?  It would seem so as the three men accused of plotting to attack the EDL are being held on terrorism charges.  The IRA were criminalised by the British, not given political status but considered as common criminals.  Now it seems that even common criminals are being called […]