sharing fate

I found something unpleasant about the film Horton when I first saw it. My reaction may just have been to the character of the Kangaroo who reminded me of Tigger in the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh, a translation I found very annoying.  Anyhow apart from my directly racist issues with the film I was struck by the religious content it offered.

The prime conceit of the film is that only the Who’s Mayor Ned (minute creature on a speck of dust) can hear Horton (the Elephant holding the speck of dust on a flower) and vice versa.  Both Ned and Horton are rendered ridiculous by their ability to hear each other while their peers can hear nothing.  Of course their knowledge (effectively drawing on faith in a voice that has no material body) gives them both the ability to save the other.  They are to each other God and to each other the Saviour, they share each other’s fate.



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