I was listening to a recent Zizek audio and came accross a new term which caught my attention: absentialHere is the audio where Zizek introduces it, the relevant section starts at 48.42 and runs for about 4 minutes. The originator of the term is a Darwinian biologist – Terence Deacon: Incomplete Nature (2013). Zizek calls him an: idealist […]

I saw you this day, man with a ponytail and beard, whose face I should have recognised, talking in a language I’m learning. I thought suddenly automatic your words, apprentice automaton that I am. My eyes like a breeze and you blink, slow down and glance beside me. Briefly, the air settled, my mind your […]


You aim for the highest ideal. But that becomes defacto your judge. So you decide you don’t want to be judged. That you don’t head for the highest ideal. This has repercussions through entropy and foolishness that will lead to suffering.