Not Yet

what’s on your mind? I asked. After some thought It’s just… What is it I asked putting my hand on his shoulder… It’s just…When is the end? Not yet I explained and I don’t know when but not now. We talked about wheelchairs and stairlifts and all the other (in)conveniences that were better than the […]


I was listening to a recent Zizek audio and came accross a new term which caught my attention: absentialHere is the audio where Zizek introduces it, the relevant section starts at 48.42 and runs for about 4 minutes. The originator of the term is a Darwinian biologist – Terence Deacon: Incomplete Nature (2013). Zizek calls him an: idealist […]

I saw you this day, man with a ponytail and beard, whose face I should have recognised, talking in a language I’m learning. I thought suddenly automatic your words, apprentice automaton that I am. My eyes like a breeze and you blink, slow down and glance beside me. Briefly, the air settled, my mind your […]