A Jester

I just listened to a comparatively recent lecture by Zizek He made a point via recalling having recently read a late autobiography by a survivor from Auschwitz. The author is quoted saying something which offers justification for cruel but necessary treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli state. He repeats the criticism made of this […]

Zizek (again)

As I listened and watched “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology” Zizek’s second full-length film with Sophie Fiennes. I’d tried watching it one time and had found it frustrating purely because I had heard many of the philosophical anecdotes in other lectures by Zizek. Yesterday evening I watched it the whole way through and enjoyed it […]


I am a Quaker, a member of the Religious Society of Friends.  I was at meeting for worship in Sheffield this morning and heard R, a prominent Quaker I’d say, speak about her love of passage 1.01 from Advices and Queries.  Here it is: As Friends we commit ourselves to a way of worship which […]