sharing fate

I found something unpleasant about the film Horton when I first saw it. My reaction may just have been to the character of the Kangaroo who reminded me of Tigger in the Disney version of Winnie the Pooh, a translation I found very annoying.  Anyhow apart from my directly racist issues with the film I […]


Worth watching sister dear. The film is most remarkable by being in the genre of classic Hollywood epics. It has a feel of the fifties and sixties. Otherwise what I noticed was the coherence in what is deemed acceptable by censors. Heads cut off and varied scenes of a gory nature are allowed but any […]

journey 2: the mysterious island

The idea is that film as a medium, as a form, emerged with women always already objectified ;by the format, the simple act of framing and representing any figure, of giving, however temporary, a fixed form ;by its practitioners, practically exclusively men, women further objectified in particular form. The latter held as achieving a patriarchal, […]


My good friend Steve P got hold of this film.  It tells the story of Machete, the eponymous hero who, wielding said machete saves the day numerous times while bringing justice to bear against a set of corrupt politicians, police and drug barons all involved in a plan to use anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican sentiment to further […]