I saw you this day, man with a ponytail and beard, whose face I should have recognised, talking in a language I’m learning. I thought suddenly automatic your words, apprentice automaton that I am. My eyes like a breeze and you blink, slow down and glance beside me. Briefly, the air settled, my mind your […]

missing the bus

“It’s some thing connected to meaning. An oblique waking up. Or a guilty secret. An automatic self disgust.  There are whole sets of impulses that have pushed me. Chemically induced ones. Natural body exuberances and later self-inflicted.  I just can’t capture anything about this in words. It’s about meaning. A really joyful sitting with, walking […]

in Wells

As I walked through Wells this evening I saw a man leaning against a car. Who is that walking through town? He thought. I’ll keep an eye on him. This town is bloated with money yet nobody is spending enough to keep it happy. Across the road a figure stands Like those dry appearing higher […]


How easy is melancholy to revive Just now by it’s absence I recalled finding the yellow archangel On a lane in a wood in Berkshire when I was young Which too is facile to evince The sense of being old that comes with age and fatigue I spend time on the edge of tears I […]

Tall orders

We are overblown thinkers Properly moved by logic Those of us that think in this way Using thought to regulate a sorry route Following white lines catching cats eyes Refueled along the way A road just to get some where Somehow oblivious to suffering Despite everything that has happened It is a soul less task […]