If I look at you from afar

If I look at you from afar I can see that you’re quite scruffy

Your paths aren’t made

Your vegetation’s sparse

Rocks pilled up on you like spots

Skin is crinkled on your earth

It’s as if you’re old when you’re young

And I’m measuring being old against you

Well not me, I hope to last longer

but someone will walk past and think

I hope I live to see this all open to walk upon

Parkwood Springs Landfill

We’ve seen it happen before, dirty ground turned verdant

Here it’s the gorse and the broom and lupins that stand out

Later in the spring yellow washes of rape

the lupins stand really strong now

and I am going to measure myself against you

I’ll see you come to life and your fences taken down

I’ll walk over that young face and remember that it was old already before it was young

Very lucky to see such a cycle

If I do