Saddleworth, Brass, Morris and Rushes

Today, Saturday, we went to Greenfield, one of the Saddleworth villages.  Our friends there are married and both come from the villages and we visited them on the occasion of the Saddleworth Rushcart.  I won’t go into that suffice to say that a large group of Morris men process and dance around the various villages […]


  Darwin’s theory of evolution developed the first unifying theory offering to explain all aspects of human life with no attention paid to cultural or other social differences. Darwin’s theory allowed us from the West who understood it (perhaps) to suggest that there was an evolutionary route that took us back to shared ancestry perhaps […]


So heritage shows emerged as a property transaction. And it remains effectively a property transaction today. Heritage is mapped by ‘heritopography’, the sets of lines of communication or cultural understanding which allow the outsider to feel in place where ever they are provided they have a guidebook all mobile device. The British tourist standing on […]


We have all obsession with history in the Western world from whence I emerge. A compulsive interest in the past and an ability to produce that past as historical record and to consume such records. There are psycho analytical events taking place. This fascination with the past and is perhaps linked into the continual need […]

Holy languages

Arabic is a wholly language. Language in which the angel Gabriel spoke to Mohammed. The holy language of the Koran is one whose themselves and consonants in and of themselves have some materiality and thus impact on the lives of those around.  This idea of language carrying on certain magical properties reminded me of the […]