St Paul as a prophet

Christianity has this unfortunate obsession with the figure of Jesus Christ. In turn has been a constant struggle within Christianity to return to the original figure of Christ as a way of combating a form of legalese religiosity which installs itself. Every movement like this faces the issue that the actual content of the Gospels, the words and acts of Christ himself, did not carry explicit rules and regulations for any form of social order beyond a very nominal ethics (and perhaps a transcendent imagination). Jesus Christ sits there is something to which Christianity returns Europe’s offers little order and indeed gives great space for interpretation via the same mechanism.

If only the church would except its indelible debt to St Paul, it may be easier to organise the faithful, as St Paul did offer more explicit explanations for how to live your life. In this sense St Paul stands out as a form of Prophet. And may lead you to be a more appropriate banner than Jesus around which a revitalised church might place itself. In this way St Paul is a prophet.

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