journey 2: the mysterious island

The idea is that film as a medium, as a form, emerged with women always already objectified ;by the format, the simple act of framing and representing any figure, of giving, however temporary, a fixed form ;by its practitioners, practically exclusively men, women further objectified in particular form. The latter held as achieving a patriarchal, […]


My good friend Steve P got hold of this film.  It tells the story of Machete, the eponymous hero who, wielding said machete saves the day numerous times while bringing justice to bear against a set of corrupt politicians, police and drug barons all involved in a plan to use anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican sentiment to further […]

bradford, the british and the camera

Make Bradford British is well worth watching. Initially I was very suspicious of it, imagining that it would develop into a form of Bradford Big Brother, be another reality TV show and no more. However it develops into a fascinating and at times shocking programme that offers us a raw insight into the problems, bigotry […]

day 11

Early rising to get to the airport in Alicante.  Bags packed. At the airport, once inside you are anywhere. In England, at Manchester, there was a retinal scan for some people coming from outside the EU, then the animal break, the slowing mechanism, some sort of electronic double door through which you have to pass.  […]