preparing a new paddock

There is land across the road that has been contested for many years, it is poisoned from earlier periods of mining and the dumping of various wastes and is heavily contaminated in places with arsenic amongst other things.  It has also become home to a vast and expanding colony of Japanese knotweed.  It was owned […]


Dogville (Lars Von Trier) allows interpretation from many perspectives.  As SP said, it is like a Shakespeare play in that respect amongst others.  I focus below on a set of ideas, perhaps more words, I encountered in Lacanian writing about the film.  Zizek refers to Dogville in A perverts guide to Cinema, and elsewhere other […]

Afghanistan, Allegory, the Kite Runner and Knowledge

I watched the Kite Runner, the film directed by Marc Forster (2007).  I’ve not read the book but from the comments of various people who had read it I was expecting something very different, something more.  I experienced the film as profoundly allegorical, relating a story of America’s involvement in Afghanistan prior to the current […]