Saddleworth, Brass, Morris and Rushes

Today, Saturday, we went to Greenfield, one of the Saddleworth villages.  Our friends there are married and both come from the villages and we visited them on the occasion of the Saddleworth Rushcart.  I won’t go into that suffice to say that a large group of Morris men process and dance around the various villages […]


I have a friend who told me about her long term interest in violence, something stoked by a young man who brought those ideas more than somewhat to life.  She proclaims an understanding of the violent, the obscene, the killer, the paedophile and wonders if that makes her bad? Is she in need of help?  […]

day 11

Early rising to get to the airport in Alicante.  Bags packed. At the airport, once inside you are anywhere. In England, at Manchester, there was a retinal scan for some people coming from outside the EU, then the animal break, the slowing mechanism, some sort of electronic double door through which you have to pass.  […]