I’ve a good friend who suffers, if that’s the right verb, occasionally at least, from a sort of paranoid set of delusions that the world is, in the last resort, controlled by a set of illuminati, a conspiracy of powerful people. I was an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge in the early 1980s where […]

Corbyn 1

So Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as Labour leader. Immediately after the last general election I felt an urge to join Labour Party. I didn’t do it at the time but I sensed that some sort of moment of melting, of dissolution, had arrived and that there was something new to be built. I followed […]


I wrote a literature review for an academic in the department on LEPs, Local Enterprise Partnerships.  It is far from my field but the work was well recieved and I’ve been offered the chance to co-author an article.  It’s given me a lot of pleasure to do some work which is appreciated. It’s also made […]


Cleaning the house and in the kitchen I get obsessed with crumbs and dust near the cooker and sweep it up for the umpteenth time.   I realise there is no end to tidying. Like investigations of social life.  The political scientist in me looks at street layouts, the sociologist orders the whole house, the anthropologist […]