stating the obvious…

Stating the obvious is what non-academics claim about a completed-explained academic position  – position that as a compliment for it is obvious that is the nature of the act that it looks that way afterwards.

What’s written above is the form in which I tried to remember this particular point. And the form of it reflects the content.
When I was writing my PhD thesis I soon came to understand what was the point I wished to make.
And when I explained that point to other people they agreed.
They certainly thought it was a very obvious point.
I think that’s a common event, that understandings appear self-evident.
If that is the case then they could be perhaps the most valuable ideas.
For Zizek an event is something that retrospectively re-arranges the conditions of its own emergence.
In a sense it comes from nowhere but appears, sensibly, somewhere.
So when ideas are dismissed as obvious it really might be a great compliment.

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