Somerset House

The name had been lodged in memory with no place attached

A somewhere you might have had to go


and when

you needed to know or prove yourself to another

Suddenly there it is and the Courtauld Institute inside it

the vast courtyard framed

All this was mine!

In my childhood as a London boy

It was all a given

names all known

places and palaces never visited

Lincolns Inn Fields

There it is! Next to Covent Garden

and I never knew

Yet it was all mine

and even if I always knew

the barriers of wealth

I believed that culture

stood above this

and was itself a key to something greater

This the curse of religiosity!

That there is an above

a saviour

a state of being aside wealth and pride

The Pride of the Table Turner!

but no

lack of curiosity

and a cleaving tight to tight to beauty

and it’s access through

a love

that plain work might destroy.