Clay Pipes

Here is a selection of clay pipes which I had the pleasure of seeing at a friends house near Barnsley. They are a very small part of an immense collection, not particularly of clay pipes but of minerals, bottles, disease from the industrial past. They have been brought together by a man who coming from a mining background became an accomplished artist specialising in what might loosely be called landscape painting. His collecting, the exhibition of his collections and is artworks are so closely linked that it almost becomes pedantry to separate them. So, these clay pipes were dug from a Barnsley domestic spoil heap.  The painting is I was told already present and Yes, the first one is a lady on the loo:IMAG2462 IMAG2463 IMAG2464 IMAG2465 IMAG2466 IMAG2467 IMAG2468 IMAG2470 IMAG2472 IMAG2473 IMAG2471 IMAG2476


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