God is Beauty (not a compliment I fear)

I was thinking about a friend going away for a week to The New Wine Convention with the Church of England group of which he is a member. I was thinking how could he possibly believe in God enough to go away like this? I realise this was a mistaken question.   For me, now, finally, I understand that God is like beauty: a quality of experience and not some thing existing independently of experience.   And I, of course, could not go away and take seriously the idea of absolute beauty except perhaps as entertainment. Although this is what the artists of the romantic period appear to have done. However I could not entertain looking for pure beauty,  a beauty that exists outside my experience of this something as beautiful. My friend as far as I understand  is going on a quest for his own experience, for what he wants God to be.  God is the experience of which he goes in search: The Church of England.  So God’s speed.

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