Gravity (the film)

Not exactly a well thought out review. I really didn’t like the film Gravity at all. It is four or five weeks since I went to see the film so my initial anger has subsided. In retrospect I can see the attraction of the visuals but at the time I was overwhelmed by the vacuous nature of the film.  It was not just that nothing happened it was that what happened was what had already happened in endless films before. Somebody succeeds against all the odds, in fact an impossible mission is achieved, and heroically they return home. The faithful horse replaced by the space vehicle. A cowboy film without any of the character which more finally worked cliché might have evoked. The metaphor of the vacuum can be extended, as well as being empty of meaning, the film sucked out all possible discussion by doing nothing other than repeating the trope that hope/faith/love conquers all. Where is the space for political analysis in such a greedy vacuous universe? One of my friends who is a documentary film maker with a particular interest in popularising complex scientific notions, found the film very satisfying because it took complex science and used it to make a film. In the sense that the film demonstrated the eventual impotence of science to affect the human subject I might agree. However the issue with science and with technological change in general is that it does change the subject. It is frustrating to see such great expense for so little return. I like the brave captain floated out into space early on and did not return.

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