agony of circular thoughts

I am bereft of belief in the uniqueness of the weft. I was sitting quietly at the back of the meeting looking at the sleeve of my sweatshirt top.The stitches were so fine, I was fascinated and started wondering how fine stitches might be made by hand? Could they be as small as this? Did the King look in rapture at tiny stitching. How small might the needles be to knit stitch such as this? How small the hands? How many hours and days and weeks. Of course the stitching was done by machine and not by handheld needles. So the wonder really quite disappear so common is the cloth. Then I looked at my shirt wondering if it might be woven. I could not even see the weave it is so fine obscured by a printed pattern. It was more as if the cloth had been pressed than woven. So I devalue the machine made knitwear and cloth. Yet did the King do so to? No the King paid. I doubt there was much concern for child labour, sweat shops, the things that invalidate the same today.

We went for a walk in the Mayfield Valley again with some dogs. Beautiful views back towards Sheffield. My landscape here in Pitsmoor is one peopled. People are excluded by both wealth and poverty from the Mayfield Valley. Beautiful views back on to Sheffield. From this frame. Scuttling city scapes within.

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