So, when in the past I asked some of my friends to let me record them telling stories I had in mind what we might call fairy stories, nursery stories. Something perhaps suitably rustic. When I went to sleep with them to record the stories comma because they were really keen on the idea. I explained that I wanted to has something to listen to, to help learn the language what’s the real name of it. Families were prepared and they started telling their stories. Understanding of the language was more limited at the time but even then I realised very quickly that’s what I was being told about was extremities of property back home. Some really almost obscene stories. I learnt the word football very quickly. I learnt the word for starving. I saw people mine acts with Knives.

Then another x I hear more stories of being back home. Of Sunshine. Of Greenfields. Of being able to be yourself.

So I’m going to use that as the theme if I can. I’m going to speak to my friends over the weekend and I’ll get back to you full stop I think this could tell a complex story.

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