telling stories

So it appears that I tell stories. When my children ask me a question I say, if I’m in a good mood, do you want the short answer? The medium one or the proper one? And the good ones are always narratives. I get surprised when people point out to me that I’ve gone off track as I wander down some side narrative within the main one. Of course at times unfortunately I do get lost in those turnings. But they are stories I tell it appears.

It’s definitely got something to do with memory for me. One of the main reasons I enjoyed being a guide was that I got the opportunity to talk about things. And what I liked about speaking out loud was that it is an aide memoire, it fixes knowledge in my memory. So I repeat stories, or at least I tell stories try not to repeat them, as a way of not forgetting.

I told that to Dave V and Simon P yesterday evening and they both laughed, friendly like, saying that’s as good an excuse as any.

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