broken hips

A typical news item might read as follows:

Today in a town somewhere a man deliberately drove a vehicle into a crowd of bystanders.  Two people were injured and the man was arrested. This event is not thought to be terrorism related.

There is a necessity to draw attention to the difference between an individual deliberately maiming someone because they have, for example, mental health problems, and somebody who is doing it for some formal ideological reason, namely a terrorist.

But of course what is it that is going on here? The vehicle moving forward at 60 miles an hour impacts on some individual or other and breaks the hip. The hip gets broken regardless of the fact of mental health, depression, anxiety or terror.

We don’t go around suggesting that all people with mental health problems should be put on watch lists. What is it that eventually drives someone to kill like that? What is happening at the moment and individual does that? Are you not already at the same point as the other person (the acceptably sick person) regardless of whether you carry with you some rationale?

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